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The Method for Selling Quickly & Effectively was Pefect…

I contacted Kelly at Nicholls Auction Marketing Group when my Dad's health started taking a turn for the worse, and his project house he had been working on was too much for him to continue maintaining or even finish. The method for selling quickly and effectively was perfect for the situation that we were in. Kelly showed up to the property in the remote area quickly after I initially called him to take a look at the house with me, gave me some suggestions, and we used those as our marching orders while we moved my Dad's possessions out. We got the house listed quickly after the initial visit. The marketing fee was fantastic, and my Dad loved that the fee to the seller side was fixed, rather than a percentage of the sales price. The Nicholls Auction team marketed the house well, and got a lot of interest on the unique property which ultimately got us a sales price that was above what we were expecting given the condition of the home. I believe the marketing report said 1.2 million views on the listing! Even after the auction ended, Kelly ensured both I and the buyer got to closing quickly and managed all the little problems that always come up in these transactions. Kelly knows the business very well.  Kelly helped my Dad and I get out of a jam quickly and I can’t recommend the services enough.

Colton Bohn

“No Worries At All For The Seller!”


We would like to thank you for everything you have done to help auction our father’s house. It's the best and fastest way to sell a home! There's no worries at all for the seller! Nicholls-Wilson is amazing!! 


Robin W.

“Everything happened exactly as you stated it would…”


I just wanted to keep you in the loop about Mom’s house. The funds were transferred this afternoon and the deed has been recorded. This journey has come to a close. I can’t thank you and your staff (family) enough for all you have done for mom. Everything happened exactly as you stated it would and on the timeline we established back in November. If I can ever be of assistance to you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you, my friend. Tell your Dad I love him and greatly appreciate all he has done for me over the past 48 years. May God bless you and your family.

J. Pruden

“Siblings and I Couldn’t Be Happier with the Result”

Talk about above and beyond! My Dad died and left me and my siblings an estate in dire need of repair. My attorney suggested Kelly Strauss at Nicholls Auction Marketing Group since a realtor would want to invest a bunch of money to put it on the market. I was somewhat skeptical about the whole procedure at first.
Boy was i wrong! Kelly explained the whole process to me. He was a consummate professional from beginning to the very end. Siblings and I couldn't be happier with the result. I live 1,300 miles away and Kelly managed everything from start to finish. I would not hesitate to use Kelly and Nicholls Auction Marketing Group in the future. Kelly really has his act together and is part of a great team. 

Edmund A Jones

You Make the Process So Easy and Fast

Thank you to all your team.  It’s always a pleasure buying from you guys. You make the process so easy and fast...that’s what I like the most. You all are awesome!

Janet Garcia

Smooth and Pleasant Experience

Dear Kathy,

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for helping to make the real estate purchase for Drew Polhamus such a smooth and pleasant experience. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Jeffrey Butofsky

“Their patience and knowledge made my first auction a joyous experience.”

Dear Nicholls Auction Group:

I want to take a minute to thank everyone at Nicholls.

I recently closed on the property on Poplar Avenue in Mineral, VA.

This would not have been possible without the help of Charles Nicholls and Bill Billingsley.  They took the time to explain the auction process and answer all my questions.  Their patience and knowledge made my first auction a joyous experince.  I'm moving into my new home this weekend.

Thank you!

Sandra M. Clarke

“...A beautiful display of the kind, caring and family-oriented staff and services..”

Dear Nicholls Auction Marketing Group:

We would like to express our very sincere gratitude to Mr. Charles Nicholls and Nicholls Auction Marketing Group in the recent handling and selling of the Major home and farm.  Years ago, Dad and Mom lovingly built a home on beautiful farmland to raise our family.  Many occasions, holidays and just day-to-day living were cherished and celebrated within the walls and premises of our home and farm.  Memories were made that we will carry within our hearts for a lifetime.

Year after Dad's passing and after much prayer and consideration, Mom decided that she needed to "downsize" and was ready to sell the house and farm.  Without hesitation she contacted Mr. Charles Nicholls at Nicholls Auction Marketing Group.  What an amazing and God ordained journey it has been.  From the very first phone call, to the auction and closing of her home, your staff have far exceeded our greatest expectations.  Living a state away, we were not in close proximity to help with the ins and outs of the selling process.  Nicholls Auction Marketing Group handled every detail with such professionalism and caring.  Always putting Mom's needs and feelings first and "holding her hand" every step of the way.  All the while Mr. Charles reached out to us by phone to keep us abreast of everything that was happening.  What could have been a a very unsettling and traumatic experience for all of us was, in fact, a beautiful display of the kind, caring and family-oriented staff and services that encompasses Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you excellent service and attention to every single detail.  Dealing with your company and Mr. Charles Nicholls has been a truly remarkable experience.  May God continue to bless each of you and Nicholls Auction Marketing Group.


William, Bebe & Jamie Major

“I Have To Say This Was the Best Decision I Ever Made”

Ten years ago I contacted Nicholls Auction Marketing Group to liquidate my late husband’s estate. The auction consisted of his Construction Company equipment and our farm equipment. The Nicholls Group conducted the auction with such dignity and compassion for me and my family, and at that time I told Charles Nicholls that when I was ready to sell the real estate I would give him a call.

The time arrived that I had to make a decision whether I wanted to sell our farm or continue to keep up a home that was too large for me. I kept going back and forth for two years trying to decide what I wanted to do. When I decided to sell, I was faced with the decision:  do I go the auction route or contact one of my two friends that are real estate agents. I decided to go with Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. They had treated me so well with the first auction they did for me, I had trust in them and they offered such a great marketing plan.

So, my journey started on May 10th with a phone call to Charles Nicholls. We set up an appointment on May 14th.  I met with John and Charles NIcholls, and they explained how the entire process would go. I signed the contract the same day.  Later that night I fell completely apart. I had never made such a big decision on my own. I called the next morning (before daylight), and I left a voicemail to please call me.  I received a return call right away, and I wasn’t received with anger or any negative response. I was received with compassion and understanding, and I was given time to rethink my decision and get back with them. By the end of the week I had decided to stick with my original decision and go with the auction.

A few weeks following my decision I met with John NIcholls, Charles Nicholls and Kelly Strauss.  I was informed at that meeting how each step of the process would work, and that I would be contacted weekly by Kelly Strauss with any needed information and  updates.  True to their work, Kelly contacted me at least once every week prior to the auction.

I have to say this was the best decision I ever made.  The results of my real estate auction exceeded my expectations. I put my complete trust and confidence in Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. During the entire process, after that first night, I was never stressed again, and the entire company made me feel at ease the entire time. The Nicholls Group treated me better than family, and they even helped me find a new home which I am thrilled with. If you have real estate to sell, please consider Nicholls Auction Marketing Group.  This company can be trusted, they offer compassion, empathy, they treat you like family and they practice Christian principles. They won’t steer you wrong.

Sissy Major

“....Extremely Patient, Compassionate, Respectful and Honest.”

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Tony Wilson and the entire team at Wilson Auction Company and Nicholls Auction Marketing Group for the exceptional experience with the auction of my Dad’s home in Stafford Virginia.  Prior to this we had not considered auctioning the home nor did my family have any experience with real estate auctions.  I always thought home auctions were only for homes in foreclosure or bank owned.  I reached out to Tony after a wonderful person, with experience in the world of auctions, referred me to him directly.

Initially, Tony spent at least 60-90 minutes on the phone with my dad and me discussing the typical process of auctioning a home and answering our many questions.  Following that meeting he corresponded with me through multiple emails and texts.  During the entire process, both before we decided to auction the property and after, he was the ultimate professional.  Tony was extremely patient, compassionate, respectful and honest. He communicated clearly with Dad, me and my brother; we never were left wondering what was next.  He basically took us by the hand and walked us through the entire process.

Dad decided to auction his home without a reserve.  We do believe that this increased the interest in his property and because Tony had educated us we felt confident that the sale would be a success.  Tony made it very clear from the beginning that if our expectations were unrealistic he would tell us.

At the auction Mr. John Nicholls from Nicholls Auction was our auctioneer.  It was quite an experience!  Again, such a professional.

The auction was a great success!  Kathy Woodcock took over after the sale and prepared things for closing.  She communicated with me and with my dad and remained available to us if we had any further questions. Now we are just waiting to close.

We are excited to refer Wilson Auction Company.  Thank you to everyone!


Teri Tulloss Bockian

“They Set a Standard in Customer Care.”

They have helped my closest friends, my family and also myself in the past. The ability to come up with a game plan and stick to a schedule is something that is surprising in this day and age. Execution of said plan and exceeding expectations that are laid out in the beginning, only add to the fact that anything Real Estate related, I know who to recommend and who to call first.

When I reached out and explained my situation, I had already come to terms with expectations on the result of selling the property. There was never any discussions of "How Much" I would make. There was only discussions of "If I follow the plan laid out on Day 1" the end result would meet or exceed my expectations. I have spent weeks trying to write this since the first email about filling out this survey and I have yet to find words for the outcome of my sale. If you would have told me the day before I reached out to inquire what I should do with the property, that the property would have sold for the amount it did, I would have laughed. I would have laughed really hard. From the first moment there was confidence in the plan, confidence in the execution, even when I had zero confidence. They saw something I did not see. I still can't believe it.

They set a standard in customer care. The first question in any conversation is "How are you doing?". They understand there is nothing easy about the process, but they never let you worry about it. They exude confidence in the way they talk, the way they dress and their over all ability to stay organized even when I was not.

My overall experience was amazing. I believe the outcome could not have gone this way with anybody else. The winning Factor in this Equation is the Burke factor. If it's not in your equation, do not expect Outstanding Results.


Jason Heisler

“Everything We Discussed Happened….”

Hi Nicholls Auction Group,
I would like to express my thanks on behalf of my 3 siblings, my husband & I for the way you handled the auction of my mom's house @ 10 Pickering Road. Everything we discussed happened, the house was marketed & received offers before it was even auctioned. Tammy Reid did a great job of keeping me informed & advising me on how to proceed. Shields Jones has helped me out before with the FAC/VTAA auction & I appreciate his helping Tammy with this auction. The thought of having to fix up my mom's house from here in Southeast NC was daunting & selling it "as is" made the best sense. I thank you all again & even though my mom thinks she can go back to her house sometimes she's in a very safe place where she has family nearby & other family (us) just 7 hours away.
Thank you again for all you did,
Laura Noel

“She took care of EVERYTHING….”

My husband is the executor for his aunt's estate and we needed to sell her home.  Since we live in northern Virginia and the house is located in King George, Virginia, this was a challenge.  Kim Moulds of Smooth Transitions in Fredericksburg recommended Nicholls Auction Marketing Group to us.  Tammy Dodson Reid, sales associate, handled the preparation for and eventual auction of the house.  We cannot more highly recommend Tammy.  She is a friendly, personable and excellent associate.  She took care of EVERYTHING and even cleaned up areas of the house before it was shown.  Tammy let us know what was being done at all times and worked hard to make the auction successful.  We were very pleased with the outcome of the auction and appreciate what Nicholls Auction Marketing and especially Tammy Reid did for us.  

Warm Regards,
Mary N. 

“You Relieved Us of All the Stress of Selling…”

We got all squared away today, and paid off this rv!  What a nice feeling - no debt!  Not many people can say that.
Tony, I was so impressed with you and the professional way you dealt with us and handled the whole process.  You did a first-class job, and we would recommend you to anyone.  Your staff was helpful and courteous, and even the title people were great.  You relieved us of all the stress of selling, and we appreciate it. Best wishes!

Jackie and Herman Sears

“As Much a Friend as a Business Partner”

My brother who lives in Fredericksburg VA, passed away in September of 2015. I live 70 miles North of there in MD. As his last surviving relative, I was left alone with the task of emptying and selling the house. A friend of my brother's recommended Tammy Reid to me. After she explained the process they used to auction a house versus the standard method of using a real estate agent to sell it, I was intrigued. I knew there was a good possibility the house could sit on the market for many many months with a standard realtor. And every month my money was going out the door to pay the mortgage and the utilities on an empty house.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group has a huge capacity to market a house heavily in a 30 day window.  They market to many websites, magazines, newspapers and the MLS realtor system. I quickly realized that an ordinary realtor could never market the house as widely as Tammy did including to a nationwide audience. I knew that that auction route was going to be the way I was going to get the most money possible for the house and get it sold most quickly. Tammy came to meet me and see the house in January of 2016, and thought they could have it on the market by February and we would be done. As it happened, there were many details involved with emptying the house, and I did not get that completed until July. Nonetheless, Tammy stayed in touch with me the whole time, and was always professional, courteous, friendly and mindful of the difficult loss I had just undergone. She was a tremendous resource of information for referrals and contacts for services that I needed to get the house empty and repaired enough to sell.

On several occasions she even handled interacting with local vendors for services so that I did not have to make a trip down to that house. She saved me much time and driving by her helpfulness and willingness to do anything that could reasonably be done by her to assist me. I could never pay her enough for the assistance and kindness that was always there through those six months while she was waiting for me to be ready to sell the house. She even provides a service of emptying the remaining contents of the house once the valuables had been removed or given away, and it is a very reasonably priced service at that. By myself, the task of emptying the house of the remaining belongings of my brother would have been overwhelming.

Tammy provided me with every detail about how the process of marketing and auctioning the house was going to work including giving me exactly what it would cost me and exactly how much they were charging the buyer. The good thing for me about the auction approach is it doesn't cost me anything to have them  auction the house. The buyer pays the 10% premium to Nicholls Auction. She marketed the house as promised heavily for 30 days and then they held the auction event. It was over in 10 minutes and I was able to listen to it on my phone so I did not have to be there in person. She also referred me to a closing Title Company that works with them regularly that was able to send me the paperwork to sign for closing by FedEx, so that I did not have to make another trip down to Fredericksburg just for the closing. I recommend the auction approach compared to using real estate agent to anyone, and I can recommend no one more highly to auction it for you than Tammy Reid. She was as much a friend as a business partner.

Many thanks Tammy!

Christopher Burke

“We were in need of someone with ‘can do’ abilities…”

Hi Jonathan,
I just wanted to drop a quick note on the excellence of your services experienced with the selling of my parents house. We were in a need of someone with "can do abilities" to get a house that had failed to sell several times with a realtor, sold. The team at Nicholls rose to the challenge and expedited the marketing, solved a major title issue and got it sold within an amazing timeline. There are not enough "superlatives" to describe the level of customer care, professionalism in action, and quantifiable results that this firm brings to the table. Many thanks, Gods blessings.
Michael Turley
Wayfarer Environmental Technologies, LLC

“...Enabled Me to Walk Away Impressed and Satisfied.”

Dear Mr. Nicholls:

I would like to take this opportunity to both thank and commend Kelly Strauss of
Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. Auctions by nature are precarious and can make the
seller very apprehensive as well as uncomfortable with their decision. However, from our
first meeting Mr. Strauss put me at ease, impressing me with his honesty, integrity, and

There were no promises, raised expectations, or pressure to sign a contract with your
company to auction my property. Kelly Strauss was direct, honest and realistic with his
explanation of the entire process. He understands the market, a changing one as well,
from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective, is responsive to questions with phone calls,
text messages and emails, and motivated and well-organized.

Even when confronted with a serious obstacle put in place by the county, Mr. Strauss
worked immediately to outplay rivals and move expeditiously to bring the auction to its
successful conclusion. Success is never easy to define, but from my perspective, with my
home on the market for 18 months and little solid interest, that I got my target price
demonstrates that your company does indeed "accelerate marketing" and "create the
market" as you claim.

I appreciate the professionalism and honesty with which I was treated by Mr. Strauss.
Armed with strategic marketing strategies and a respect for open communication, Mr.
Strauss enabled me to walk away impressed and satisfied.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Sue Hafner

“Professionalism, Expertise and Accommodating Support…”


Your professionalism, expertise and accommodating support was greatly appreciated by myself, as well as my clients, in learning the auction process.  I truly want to thank you for the time you gave us, and although we did not win the auction, it was valuable information that we can take to the next one. 

I hope our paths cross again, and I wish you all the best.


Lisa O'Connell

“What a Relief!!  What a Team!!”

Sell It!!   After an informative presentation at Chancellor's Village by Tammy Dodson Reid regarding the auctioning of houses, my instructions to Nicholls Auction Marketing Group was to sell my house....and boy did they!  In only five weeks, I no longer had to worry, nor pay taxes, utilities, and insurance on it.   What a relief! What a team!
Thank you!

Alice Coates

Without your support I don’t think we would have made it…..

Dear Mr. Nicholls and Family,

I just wanted to express our gratitude for the patience and support you gave to my family during a very trying and emotional time.  Without your support I don't think we would have made it through the sales of our 2 properties.  I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference Kelly Strauss made in our lives.  He was supportive, honest and ethical in his dealings with us.  I would not hesitate to recommend youor company to anyone! 


Dolores Dobyns and Family

Tremendous and ongoing dedication

Words cannot say "thank you" enough for your tremendous and ongoing dedication to keep memory alive. Your creative genius and amazing support of the Power of Love Gala … helped to make this a world-class event and a memorable evening for all that attended.

On behalf of all the caregivers, patients, and lives you have touched, … thank you for your incredible help and remarkable commitment that you have provided to all of us at Keep Memory Alive and Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

With deepest respect, appreciation and tremendous gratitude — thank you, thank you and thank you.

Warmest regards,

Incredibly professional in every aspect

John, just wanted to thank you all so much for the outstanding job your company did in the marketing and auction of our family’s property in Bumpass. You all are incredibly professional in every aspect. Everyone has been a delight to deal with throughout the entire process. We didn’t think twice when we decided to sell the property with your company. You all make it a very easy and comfortable process. My Sister was amazed at the overall process and how it all played out. She had to see it for herself. We hadn’t heard too much from your Dad during this Auction cycle but were really pleased to see him in action with the crowd. Please pass on our sincere thanks to your Dad, Kelly, Shields, Anne and everyone else involved. We look forward to working with you all through the Closing process. Seems like that may be fairly quick. Thanks again!  

John Diggs & Family

Your hard work and professionalism is second to none

John, I wanted to thank you and your Dad for such a successful sale today at Telegraph Road. I have attended one real estate auction coordinated by Nicholls Auction in the past, but did not have any personal interest in the property. Your hard work and professionalism is second to none and greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future. Please be sure to thank Kelly for me as well.

Rodney Nichols

The long hours, dedication, and teamwork were impressive

Thank you for the wonderful job you did running the Snead Family Farm auction. In today’s austere real estate market, your friendly demeanor and extensive experience as a marketeer were instrumental to the success of the sale. I also wanted to extend my thanks to the entire Nicholls team for their tremendous efforts as well. The long hours, dedication, and teamwork were certainly impressive and resulted in a very satisfying outcome.

Jane Snead

I rely on your promptness, expertise and integrity

Thank you for the wonderful job that you did running Aunt Bobby’s estate auction. From our initial consultation through settlement, I was always able to rely on your promptness, expertise and integrity. We faced some challenges that needed ingenious solutions, yet every time you delivered. I will certainly miss the farm, but I can see why generations of my family have trusted your services. Your reputation as the best auction outfit in the area is well deserved.

Yours truly,
John Alrich-Altman 

I cannot thank you enough …

Just a note to say how much I appreciate your continued efforts to support the Youth For Tomorrow Auctions in so many ways. Without folks like you, we would not be able to have such success year after year at each of our events or continued success with our kids at YFT.

It seems there is never enough time at our events for me to be able to personally thank each person who has worked so hard.  I am fully aware of how many hours are invested by each of you to make an event successful.  I’m always encouraged and proud of the efforts of so many valuable volunteers. You have been extremely loyal to our kids for many years and I cannot thank you enough for your continued involvement.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

Joe Gibbs

Thanks for a well-done job by your firm.

Dear Mr. Nicholls: As you know, we recently enlisted the services of your company to auction our house in King George. The auction was successful, and we reached our reserve handily. That this happened in today’s austere real estate market is due in no small part to the impressive efforts of Kelly Strauss. Kelly spent hours and hours working with us to set up the auction with a reasonable reserve, establish an effective advertising campaign, show the house to interested parties, and, last but not least, "work the crowd" during the actual house auction which occurred on 10 July. I’m certain that Kelly was engaged in many other efforts of which we are unaware to help ensure the success of the auction. Of course, he was assisted on the auction day itself by your able colleagues Shields Jones, and your son, John. It should go without saying, but Kelly is the epitome of a great employee. His positive attitude in a stale real estate climate kept our spirits up, and the frequent contact he kept with us made a huge difference in our confidence as the big day approached. We would also like to add that we were impressed with the professionalism of your company on the auction day. All of your fellows were sharply dressed, and the setup was spot-on for a real estate sale. Certainly this also helped our success for a sale at a fair price. Please accept our thanks for a well-done job by your firm, and particularly for a wonderful job by Kelly Strauss. We will always consider all of your folks to be friends.

Chuck & Carolyn Ellington

No other company could compare to the broad spectrum of services that Nicholls offers.

It is a privilege to speak on behalf of Kelly Strauss of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group. I became acquainted with Mr. Strauss through a business relationship involving the sale of assets held by Richard Woodie Tree Farms, of which I am a partner. After careful examination of national auction and marketing groups I chose Nicholls. I spoke with several representatives from other companies and none could match the introduction of Mr. Strauss, his professionalism was exemplary. I considered each company’s record while viewing testimonials as well as their client base. Mr. Strauss represents a company that is entrusted with the distribution of countless assets and the reputation of internationally recognized organizations. No other company could compare to the broad spectrum of services that Nicholls offers from a small parcel sale to the high profile clientele that is served by Mr. Strauss and the Nicholls company. It is apparent to me why the integrity, experience and professionalism delineates Nicholls and places them above the competition. They are prepared to handle the rigors that come with the marketing and auction of assets whether it is sentimental heirlooms or the downsizing of business property.

Time is of the essence when considering a campaign to the day of auction. Kelly Strauss is very thorough and timely. He is exactly the responsive and attentive person for the duty. Upon the signing of the contract, signage was immediately installed and an advertisement was placed on the internet that day. A quick response from potential bidders was the dividend paid from such a rapid action. I believe it was only due to the aggressive nature of Mr. Strauss to attack the bidding pool from the first moment, and he never relented until the gavel was struck. Every step was a carefully measured, culminating in a successful transaction.

On the day of my sale a prudent orchestration by Mr. Strauss and the Nicholls team exhibited their fine qualities as marketeers. My property was sold with a bidding audience from the four corners of the United States. Every resource was exhausted to achieve the highest possible price. The data base of fellow trades people had obviously been exploited by Mr. Strauss. The bidding pool was teaming with qualified bidders from my industry and also investors apprised of the potential. The necessary component to a successful auction had been delivered by Kelly Strauss and the highest possible price was attained.

I can summarize exuberantly the superlatives of Mr. Strauss as being timely, thorough and professional. I will return with future patronage and note the integrity that Kelly Strauss possesses. I will also freely promote the accolades of Kelly Strauss and recommend the services of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group.

Thank you,
Robert Woodie
Partner/Manager, Robert Woodie Richard Woodie Tree Farms

You helped us to arrive at all of our objectives, and it was carried out in a very professional mann

I am writing to express again my sincere appreciation to you and all of your network for the outstanding services you provided to me and my family during our recent sale. You helped us to arrive at all of our objectives, and it was carried out in a very professional manner.  Please convey our sincere thanks to everyone involved.

May God bless you and yours with happiness and good health.

Sincerely Yours,
Louis W. Staubs 

I would recommend Nicholls Auction to anyone.

This is in reference to the auction for the Estate of Mary L. Roberson. My contact person was Kelly Strauss and I would like you to know the wonderful job that Kelly did in the process of this sale. This was a very distressing time and situation for our family and Kelly helped with reassuring us. Kelly was very friendly and professional. He kept in constant contact with me to assure that everything was going as planned. He returned calls in a timely manner and it was a great help in scheduling meetings to accommodate me. 

The sale went better than I had expected and I believe that had a lot to do with how everything was handled by Kelly and the team at Nicholls Auction.  I would recommend Nicholls Auction to anyone.
Anita H. McAlister

You made a near-impossible task, possible.

Six months ago, a difficult journey began with the decision to sell my home of 32 years. The time had finally come and with it, a flood of emotions. Because the market was in such a poor state, I decided to move my property through Nicholls Auction Co. and that’s when Kelly Strauss danced into my life. From the first, working with Kelly was a pleasure. His demeanor was unerringly pleasant and professional. In our first meeting, he patiently explained each phase of the Auctioning process. No question was treated as too small or insignificant. Whenever I had additional questions (and I had quite a few) he was always available, even after hours. During the months that followed, Kelly quickly addressed all of my worries and complaints; resolving each, to my satisfaction. In short, he leaned over backwards to accommodate a very emotional, feisty, old woman.

Finally, I would like to commend Mr. Strauss, for the sensitivity that went well beyond his job description. His genuine concern for my situation, helped me cope with the extreme sense of loss that is part of selling a lifetime home.    

Kelly, thank you. You made a near-impossible task, possible. Looking back, I can honestly say: I enjoyed the waltz.

God Bless
Luann Watson  

… you made the entire process quite easy and seamless from first meeting to final closing

Dear John And Kelly, I offer both of you my heartfelt thanks for your successful efforts auctioning my property. This was the first time I had been involved with the auction process and initially I was apprehensive. That apprehension was quickly alleviated upon our first meeting. Questions I had were authoritatively and straightforwardly answered in a professional matter. Both of you made the entire process quite easy and seamless from first meeting to final closing. Weekly updates were useful and appreciated. Most importantly, your services resulted in an outcome exceeding my expectations despite the property being a difficult one to market. Bottom line: should the need arise again in the future, I will unhesitatingly seek your services. Moreover, it will be my pleasure to recommend your services to others including those reading this. I wish you and your team continued success.

Dave Furtnett

The success of our auction was a direct result of your time and talent.

As we reflect upon Donna Klein Jewish Academy’s 24th Benefit Ball, Dream School...The Supreme Event, we would like to thank you for helping to make this event our most successful fundraiser to date. Our guests enjoyed an incredible evening and the accolades are still coming in!

The success of our auction was a direct result of your time and talent. In your first year as auctioneer for Donna Klein Jewish Academy, your expertise was directly responsible for an event that exceeded our expectations.  From our first phone conference to the evening itself, you and your team were professional and accommodating in every way. It was a pleasure to work with you.

On behalf of the Donna Klein Jewish Academy family, we want to extend our utmost appreciation..

Sharon Kamber, Associate Head of School, Donna Klein Jewish Academy

I feel blessed to have had you conduct this Auction

I write this letter on behalf on my departed loved one, my husband, David A. Major, Sr. and my family. The manner in which you prepared, handled and conducted the Auction of farm equipment, vehicles and tools of the estate of my late husband made it less stressful for his family. Your staff was most considerate of my grief, and parting with equipment that David treated with tender loving care. Death is so final! So many decisions have to be made as a result, but I feel blessed to have had you conduct this Auction at Cedar Oaks Farm.

You took the burden off my shoulders and the Christian men that you are is representative of Galatians 6:2:  "Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."  I can never thank you enough for the dignity and respect you showed to the estate items and the memory of my late husband. Please convey our appreciation to your staff for all the kindness shown to our family.

God Bless,
Sissy Majors 

John is a consummate professional with superb people skills.

After more than 700 days on the market, I was convinced that my property was never going to sell. Then someone suggested that I get in touch with the Nicholls Auction Group. I reached Mr. John Nicholls, and I am so glad I did. Throughout the process, John showed his commitment to helping me — right up to the final gavel.  John is a consummate professional with superb people skills. With his guidance, my resolve to sell never wavered and John sold the property at a price I could live with. To anyone who really wants to move on, as I did, I would recommend Nicholls — and John — in a heartbeat. Thanks ever so much!

Best Regards,
F.L. Thornton, Ph.D. 

I felt supported throughout the entire process.

Thank you so much for handling the auction of my father’s home in Northern Virginia. All procedures were conducted in a very professional manner and both you and your staff were readily available to answer my questions or reassure me regarding the process of selling the house.

I so enjoyed working with you. Your forthright manner and staying in contact with me to communicate details was very comforting. I felt supported throughout the entire process. My father was very happy with the results of the auction, thought he misses the home he shared with my mother for 43 years.  

Our family has many fond memories of the home and we wish the new owner much satisfaction in their new home.

Beth Oakes

All of your recommendations and advice proved to be correct.

This is to thank you, Kelly Strauss, Charles Nicholls and all your colleagues at Nicholls Auction for the fine job everyone did in recently auctioning and closing the sale of my late mother’s home in Fredericksburg, VA.

The transaction involved a difficult property in a challenging market and a less than straight forward closing process.  Any one of these problems might have nixed a sale, but Nicholls Auction’s efforts and dogged follow through resulted in a transaction that was probably the most satisfactory result possible under the circumstances.

All of your recommendations and advice proved to be correct. Nicholls Auction took a substantial burden off my shoulders, and the execution of the entire process was first rate. Specifically:

  • After my initial contact you promptly went to the house, made an accurate assessment of the situation and proposed a comprehensive process to market the property.
  • The promotion of my property, including a well done internet campaign, was effective in attracting a number of prospective buyers to the actual auction.
  • Several security and maintenance measures were needed to protect and properly show my property and you took responsibility to engage contractors who did the necessary work in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Throughout the entire pre-auction and closing process you and Kelly Strauss always took the initiative to keep me regularly updated on relevant events.
  • Nicholls Auction’s forms, contracts and post-auction paperwork were clear, complete and timely.
  • During a challenging closing process Kelly Strauss, in particular, kept on top of the situation in a manner that completed the transaction on time and exactly as I wished.

Your father, Charles, founded your company many years ago and created a reputation for honesty, professionalism and effective results on behalf of clients. That reputation — and the evidence of it that I experienced in my own transaction — was especially important to meas an out-of-state seller.

Finally, I must note that although the value of my property was substantially less than many of the properties Nicholls Auction handles, you and your staff always treated me as if I was consigning a $1 million estate to your care and responded promptly and with great courtesy to all my inquiries.

I wish you, Kelly, Charles and Nicholls Auction continuing and, in my opinion, well earned success.

Charles R. Ryan
Winthrop, WA 

Always been a pleasure to do business with you.

It has always been a pleasure to do business with you and your capable and professional staff in our various real estate dealings over the years. Your family and staff at all times demonstrate the utmost honest and integrity.

My wife and I have recently completed another successful transaction orchestrated through your auction of the Bloomsbury Lane property in Spotsylvania on October 6; and we would like to commend and thank Mr. Kelly Strauss for his very pleasant and able assistance. Mr. Strauss was most helpful in answering or obtaining answers to our questions, and working with our bank’s financial officer and Mr. Goodpasture, our settlement attorney, to aid in our financing and the timely settlement of this sales contract.

May God continue to bless your family, staff and business.  Looking forward to possible future associations.

James C. Bondurant 

Professionalism … friendship … concern

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for the successful auction of 9595 Eden Dr., King George, VA. The professionalism, friendship and concern exhibited by you throughout the process is greatly appreciated. You will be highly recommended when the occasion arises for me to promote your skills and organization. If I can ever be of assistance to any of you, in any way, please don’t hesitate to call on me.

May God richly bless you, and make all your dreams and wishes come true.

J. Michael Gouldman 

The most organized and professionally run auction I have witnessed.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with handling the Beard/Shifflet estate auction. Through the years, I have attended numerous auction and see countless auctioneers, and I can tell you the March 18th auction was by far the most organized and professionally run auction I have witnessed.

The food was delicious, the setting lovely, and the entire crew and auction was perfection. Thank you for a memorable day. I was a good friend and customer of Reese Beard, and I can tell you he would have been extremely pleased.

Thank you,
Carter K. Hanbach 

The whole process was so easy for my family

I wanted to express my gratitude to you, your son and your staff for making a difficult and sad situation of selling the home and personal property of my 2 uncles into almost a tribute to the lives they had together.  I am sure they are very pleased with the outcome.

The elegance and attention to detail in presenting the items was very much like the way my Uncles would have done this auction. The compassion you had for my Mom and family is so appreciated. The whole process was so easy for my family.

Thank you again. I know my Mom will miss talking with you every day.

Joy Ritenour 

No one could have equaled your services

We would like you to know how much we appreciated the manner you and your team handled our recent land auction. The marketing and preparations for the auction were of the highest quality. The day of the auction you were not only professionals but your personal touch moved us. We left the auction with feelings that no one could have equaled your services and we had a friend forever.

Tommy and Janice Smith 

There were many more bidders there than we had expected.

On Saturday, July 9, Nicholls Auction held an auction at our Mother’s home on Hanson Avenue in Fredericksburg, VA. You did a great job and everything was done in a professional manner. There were many more bidders there than we had expected. We were very pleased with the bid we received for the house, and the auction only took about fifteen minutes.

We will gladly recommend Nicholls Auction to anyone who is in the market for an auction company. Thanks so much for a job well done!

Robert Williams 

The Realty profession could definitely learn from your outstanding company.

My family and I wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your professional staff in assisting us with the auction of my father’s estate at Lake Anna. You advertised the property online, with mailings and by the newspapers. This was above and beyond what any realtor had offered with less cost. We were especially impressed with Mr. John Nicholls. His dedication and professionalism was unsurpassed.

The auction went without a problem and was completed in just seventeen minutes. You were able to auction it for more than we had expected. We are very grateful. The Realty profession could definitely learn from your outstanding company.

Professionalism, compassion and a real commitment to excellent is what we found in your company.  Thank you again for a job well done.

Teressa L. Hudson

“Selling Real Estate this way is easy…”

I owned a 3 acre parcel in Spotsylvania County that was left to me by my parents.  It became a burden tor me to care for as well as a tax liability. I tried selling it myself by placing a FOR SALE sign on the property and after 10 months  and very few phone calls I decided to enlist the services of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group to sell the property for me.  Having been acquainted with Nicholls family for over 60 years I knew I was in good hands.  Once I signed the contract the sale was out of my hands.  The sale date was set and the Nicholls group took care of the rest.  They advertised on multiple media sites and on the sale day gathered some very interested bidders.  The sale took less than 15 minutes and was very easy to conclude on my part.  Closing took place 30 days later and was equally very simple and brief.  I did not have to deal with realtors and people wanting to view the property which was great since I live 50 miles away.  Selling real estate this way is easy as there are no inspections, contingencies, and other "red tape" to deal with.  The Nicholls  staff is great to deal with and most professional.

Philip Clark

“You took a lot of burden off of me…”

Dear Tammy,

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the good people at Nicholls Auction, especially you!

I cannot thank you enough for all that you and your family have done to repair and prepare my Mother's house for the big day.  You took a lot of burden off of me, and I sincerely appreciate it. 

I wish you every success and many blessings in the future. 

Bobbie Givens

“We were most pleased with the outcome of the sale and closing was a breeze”

If you are undecided whether to auction your home, I hope sharing my experience with Nicholls Auction will be of some benefit.

The time had come to move my elderly mother from home to Assisted Living, which was stressful and traumatic.  I called Nicholls Auction one morning and by that afternoon my mother and I were meeting with Mr. Nicholls and his associate at my mother's house.  They individually took the time to comfort and reassure my mother, which I greatly appreciated.  I was dreading the process of selling the house for my mother since I lived out of state; however, absolutely everything was taken care of just as Mr. Nicholls had stated.  The property was advertised on multiple medias, and throughout the selling process everything was handled by his associates in a friendly and professional manner.  Our sales associate, Tammy Reid, stayed in constant communication with me about every showing or action taken on the house, and I received immediate responses from her to all my inquiries.  Inasmuch as the house had some age and maintenance concerns, she worked closely with me in completing some chores/repairs I elected to correct before the auction.  However, the beauty of selling at auction for my mother and me was that no repairs were actually necessary unless we decided to do so.  At auction, we were most pleased with the outcome of the sale and closing was a breeze with the Title Co.  All in all, our experience with Nicholls Auction and extremely positive.

Debra Givens — Knoxville, TN

Always putting the client first

Over these many years, we have been so blessed by our thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers. Receiving recommendations and referrals from past clients remains one of our greatest joys. In many ways, those we serve become NAMG family and we love to keep them happy. We do not take their trust lightly and we appreciate the kind words and repeat business from our extended family.

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